Crochet - Shop

When I'm not making beads I like to crochet. I love making doilies, mandalas and blankets but most recently I've been obsessed with shawls.

I'm very much a process crocheter, by which I mean I get more out of the process of crocheting than I do the end project. Bascially, I make doilies, mandalas and shawls for the sheer pleasure of making them, not because I have a personal need for the items. This is all very well and good but it does mean that I have a lot of crochet sat in a big box doing absolutely nothing so I've listed some for sale here.

Maybe they'll sell, maybe they won't, but it makes sense to put them in my virtual shop window just in case someone would like to rehome something.

PLEASE NOTE: I only post my crochet items to UK addresses.

Please see my Terms & FAQs page for payment and postage details and other important information.